Anke Gladnick

Bond is a 96 page visual essay that explores mixed racial-ness and queerness within the category “Asian American”. A variety of analog mediums were combined with digital image-making processes to create the illustrations, which at times are more literal and in line with the text and at other moments more metaphorical and symbolic. The text is comprised of selected passages from relevant readings and transcriptions of interviews conducted with friends and family. The choice of readings is meant to reflect my own experience of learning through reading the experiences of others, and I picked passages that were key in helping me to better understand myself.

A free pdf of Bond is available to read on Gumroad.

Anke Gladnick (he/they) is a mixed race Filipino American illustrator currently living in Portland Oregon. Through a mix of collaged analog and digital elements, Anke’s work is both visually and conceptually layered with a focus on the surreal and is inspired by dreams, nostalgia, and a sense of poignancy. Their list of clients include NBC, NPR, and The Washington Post among others.